Help -> WingCash Profile Settings

  1. From your WingCash profile drop-down menu, click Settings.
  2. Click the green tab that matches what you would like to update.
  3. Type the updated information. Then click Save Changes.
Tab Settings

Individual: Picture displayed in your WingCash account, your name, WingCash URL, linked profiles (social media), and short biographical information.

Business: Picture displayed in your WingCash account, business name, doing business as, WingCash URL, linked profiles (social media), business description, industry, and number of employees.

See also How to link WingCash with social media.

Email The e-mail address used for correspondence with WingCash. Your email address will be kept private.
Contact The telephone and address used for correspondence with WingCash. This information will be kept private.
Password Used to change the password for your WingCash profile. Your password must be at least 8 characters and should include both upper- and lowercase characters, one number and one symbol.

Accounts at financial institutions linked with your WingCash profile. You must have at least one account linked before you can redeem WingCash Pages for cash. You can link multiple accounts.

See also How to link an account.


Shows devices or applications that are linked to your WingCash account. Premium business members who must keep transactions private (such as healthcare providers who need to comply with HIPAA regulations) can select Keep All Transfers Private.

See also Maintaining Privacy.

Notification Select options to be notified when you receive WingCash and to receive weekly WingCash offers. Premium business members may also use this area to manage activity feeds.
Cancel Membership

Used to delete your WingCash profile.

See also How to cancel membership.