Help -> Getting Started with WingCash -> Linking Your WingCash Wallet to a Checking or Savings Account

You must have at least $1 in your WingCash wallet before you can link to an account at your financial institution.

    Follow these steps to link an account to your wallet:

    1. From menu bar, hover over your name, then click Settings.
    2. Click the Accounts tab.
    3. Click Link Your Account.
    4. Enter your 9-digit routing number. The name of your financial institution will appear to confirm you entered the routing number correctly.
    5. Enter your account number.
    6. Under Account Type, click Checking or Savings.
    7. Click Link Account.
    8. A Link Account confirmation page will be displayed.

    The process of linking your account may take 2-3 business days. During that time, $1 from your wallet will be sent to your account in two small deposits. When you see those two deposits, log in to WingCash, click on Settings, click Accounts, click confirm. You will be prompted to enter the two amounts in the order they were deposited in the account. Click Submit.

    After your WingCash profile is linked to an account at a financial institution, you can transfer cash from your WingCash wallet to your account.

    Your financial account information is always kept private.