Personalizing WingCash Pages

Help -> Personalizing WingCash Pages

You can personalize the appearance of WingCash Pages by replacing the standard graphics with an image of your choosing. You can upload a JPEG, PNG, or GIF graphic up to 10 MB in size. You must own the copyright for the image you upload.

  1. Click the Designs menu at the top right of the main WingCash screen.
  2. Click Browse, and choose the graphic to upload.
  3. Click Apply to Pages to update the WingCash Page design as it is shown (and go to step 6), or click Edit to make additional changes.
  4. You can choose to fit the image to the space available or zoom the image. You can also change the title shown on the WingCash Page and the description.
  5. When you have made the changes you want, click Apply to Pages.
  6. Choose the quantity and value of WingCash Page you want your new design to apply to. You can apply the design to Pages up to the value of Pages in your wallet.
  7. Click Continue.
  8. Choose the number of weeks that you would like the design to apply to the WingCash Pages. The fee and expiration date associated with the design change will be displayed.
  9. Click Back to modify the changes you want to make, or click Continue.
  10. Click the box to show that you accept the WingCash Merchant Agreement, or click Back to make changes.
  11. Click Purchase.