What is WingCash?

WingCash is a way for businesses and individuals to send and receive payments over the Internet and in person. Say you want to use WingCash. You would create a WingCash profile, and it would include a WingCash wallet. You can add money (called WingCash Pages) to your wallet from your account at a financial institution--or someone can use WingCash to give you money. Yes, it really happens. A customer, a business, or someone like your cousin Eddie may give you money. You can use the WingCash in your wallet to make purchases at participating businesses, reward loyal customers, or even send money to other individuals or businesses via e-mail or social media. You can see how much WingCash you have in your wallet anytime you are logged in. WingCash Pages display in familiar denominations, just like the physical cash we're all comfortable with.

WingCash Pages are issued by financial institutions, not by the United States Federal Reserve. WingCash Pages represent existing currency held at the financial institution and are exchanged just as physical coins and bills, from wallet to wallet.

Why Use WingCash?

WingCash is easy to use.

WingCash makes it easy to send money to individuals or businesses. Anyone with access to the Internet from a computer or mobile device can use it. Transactions are quick and secure.

WingCash encourages transactions between established businesses and their customers.

Merchants can use WingCash to provide gift cash, loyalty cash, and cash rewards to their customers. These incentives are great for businesses because they encourage their customers to return. They're great for customers because they save money at the places where they already shop.

WingCash is a payment platform to save money.

WingCash doesn't include transaction fees for buyers or merchants, so they receive the full value of the payment. Everyone is affected by high transaction fees. When transaction fees are high, merchants increase the price of products to compensate. Eliminating transaction fees will ultimately contribute to lower-priced products and services.

For more information about WingCash and how it works, click here.

We hope you're excited to try WingCash for yourself.

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